Marion H. Martinez - An Experienced Superintendent

Marion H. Martinez

As superintendent, Marion H. Martinez serves as the CEO for the Binghamton City School District in Binghamton, New York. Over her tenure, she has carried out several key initiatives, including developing a district and school improvement plans and facilitating new elementary school construction after a building was damaged by flooding in 2012. Moreover, Marion H. Martinez leveraged her leadership skills while partnering with other education stakeholders as member of such bodies as New York University’s Advisory Council and the Litigation Committee of the New York State Association of Small City School Districts.

Complementing her role as superintendent, Marion H. Martinez operates Career Boost, LLC, as chief executive officer. The company works with clients interested in careers in administration by helping them achieve success in such key areas. The modules developed by her company provide support to aspiring school administrators by supporting them in the application process, interview preparation and reflection on mock interviews before actual administrators.

Besides her experience in managing academic affairs, Dr. Martinez has taught graduate courses as adjunct professor with Central Connecticut State University and Southern Connecticut State University. She lectured in such areas as educational research, teaching analysis, contemporary issues and leadership in the classroom.